Manufacturing support


We consistently carry out planning, development, mass production, and shipping of various products such as electronic toys, LED items, and plastic products.

We have a lot of business records with major toy makers and have produced various products.

We also carry out production control operations for OEM products, and can provide high-quality, low-cost support.

IC selection
IC selection / arrangement illustration

Select the MCU and parts.

In cooperation with electronic device manufacturers and distributors
Arrangements and sales are also possible.

Circuit design
Circuit design illustration

Let us design the circuit.

There is one partner company in Japan
and one partner company overseas.

Mechatronics design illustration

Also available mechanical design.

In addition to in-house production,
there are many partner companies in Japan and overseas.

Software development illustration

We develop embedded development,
mobile application development, PC software, etc.

Mold design and production illustration

We design and manufacture molds
at our affiliated factories in China.

Product quality
Product quality control illustration

Based on customer quality standards,
we will consistently manage from production
start-up to product delivery.

Commodity transportation, trade business illustration

We handle products from the factory to the delivery to the customer's warehouse.

Manufacturing flow

We propose a manufacturing flow that suits the customer's situation.

If you have an idea, start from planning

If you have a plan, start from development

Those who have completed design and development start from pre-mass production inspection

Specifically from here

Planning design

We create product outlines, design drawings, and 3D images.

Planning design illustration

Details of the project

We will create specifications and circuit diagrams, examine costs, and check laws and copyrights.

Details of the project illustration


We develop software and products.

Mechanical design, manufacturing/mold design, manufacturing/circuit design,

mass production board design, production

We perform items such as packaging design and production (PKG, instruction manual, carton).

Development illustration

Commercialization evaluation

Create quality specifications and evaluate the quality of your products.

Check the quality of software, strength (safety, performance), regulations, etc.

Evaluate and confirm the validity for commercialization.

Commercialization evaluation illustration

Pre-mass production inspection

Small-scale production on the test production line, final evaluation (quality),

We request the customer to evaluate the quality specifications and the actual product and obtain mass production approval.

Pre-mass production inspection illustration

Mass production

We perform quality control by controlling the occurrence of defective products and conducting quality inspections.

Mass production illustration

Pre-shipment inspection

Final inspection of mass-produced products.

We perform shipping inspections (product performance, durability, appearance)

based on customer standards based on sampling inspections or voluntary standards.

Pre-shipment inspection illustration

Import / Export

We carry out trading operations in trade and transportation.

Import / Export illustration